"We are caught in a present that began some time ago."

   -- Kathleen Stewart


A nudist colony becomes a butterfly garden,

A pile of stones hardens into the world's largest border,

An act of violence bronzes into a plaque.


Whether it is in a 1,400 acre urban park, a rural village, or the world's largest border crossing, each project or curated program I develop stems from the idea that the world is a living museum, and we all can become interpreters of it. Thus, my collaborators tend to be non artists in the traditional sense of the word, but are people who approach their practices with equal rigor and sensitivity. Over the years, I’ve had the fortune to work with specialists as wide ranging as customs agents, geologists, historians, park rangers, construction workers, archivists, and priests.

I draw upon my interdisciplinary training in sculpture, performance, video, and social organizing for each project. Each work begins through a playful set of questions, following up on curious physical and immaterial fragments: gossip, relics, and unusual customs. In this way, my work is a form of social archaeology, mining and amplifying perspectives and practices rooted to a specific locale. Yet unlike “pure” social science, my goal is to produce experiences that inspire subjective, sensory, emotive response.



contact: kateclarkprojects@gmail.com