Prodigal Sister

Graphic Novel + Video     2014    San Diego + El Plomo, Mexico

The first migration in North America occurred 5 million years ago when ancient red volcanoes unzipped from mainland Mexico and rifted 250 miles north. Today, matching iron-rich geologic “phenotype” connects San Diego, CA population 1.5 million to El Plomo, MX population 3.

Prodigal Sister is a graphic novel and video accounting a 4 day trip to return a rock from San Diego to it's homeland in El Plomo. Though the project began as a simple gesture, what rose to the surface was a web of subjective relations woven through loops of time, material, and notions of territory.

The 5:00 video component to Prodigal Sister



Graphic Novel: Translated by Sara Solaimani. Black and white on newsprint, edition of 500.

Download the English Version

Download the Spanish Version

Video: Editing by Kate Clark + Sound/Composition: Samuel Dunscombe

Production Assistance: Carlos Ivan, Angie Jennings, Ren Ebel, Felix Sotelo Jaquez, Mario César Méndez Gálvez, Santiago Sotelo Jaquez, Silvia Elena Mazon Ruiz, Eloise Battle, Beth Holmberg, Aldo Guerra, Sherman Russell, and Donald Barrie

Produced for the Occupy Third Space exhibition, curated by Sara Solaimani, with support from the UCSD Visual Arts Department.

Thanks for recommendations by Eloise Battle and Aldo Guerra, research by Pat Abbott, Donald Barrie and Beth Holmberg, traveling partnership with Ren Ebel, Carlos Ivan and Angie Jennings, navigation by Felix Sotelo Jaquez, and Mario César Méndez Gálvez, hospitality by Santiago Sotelo Jaquez and Silvia Elena Mazon Ruiz, and criticism by Lucy Burnett, Todd Moellenberg, Katrin Petsch, David Serlin, Nichole Speciale, and Sara Solaimani.