Storylines TJ/SD

Binational Audio Tour + Podcast    2015    Tijuana + San Diego

Map of Storylines TJ/SD driving tour audio coordinates

Storylines TJ/SD is an oral history project that maps subjective narratives from the past century that mark, trace, and challenge the transborder condition of Tijuana/San Diego. Storylines TJ/SD highlights bilingual stories of place-based resistance, and first person narratives of a region that is often interpreted through dehumanizing ideologies.

Organized by a binational editorial board of artists, art historians, and activists, Storylines: TJ/SD  serves as a living narrative archive, manifesting as both live programming + public events accessible on both sides of the border, and as an interactive website and podcast released serially.

Brainstorming sketch of Storylines TJ/SD stories




Storylines TJ/SD is: Kate Clark (SD), Misael Diaz (TJ), Amy Sanchez (TJ), Emily Sevier (SD), Sara Solaimani (SD), Adriana Trujillo (TJ)

Supported by the University of California Humanities Research Institute and the UC San Diego Humanities Center