Drawings    2014    Experimental Drawing Studio, La Jolla, CA


1. Ornamental brooch: especially the badge of an honorary order; a flat thin piece used for decoration; a    commemorative or identifying inscribed tablet

2. A localized abnormal patch on a body part or surface;a sticky usually colorless film on teeth that is formed by and harbors bacteria;a histopathologic lesion of brain tissue that is characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease


PLAQUE is an ongoing project, involving taking graphite rubbings collected from historic plaques of Southern Californian territory once considered “virginal,” extending from San Diego’s urban core to it’s southern limits.

After each rubbing is collected, all text is erased save key verbs, nouns, and dates. Through lifting extraneous content, the grammar of a land’s development and erasure emerges. How does our plaque relate to us as living actors in a shared terrain? What singular gestures have been recorded and rendered decorative in such a complex choreography?

Public conversation with Park Ranger Kim Duclo at the Experimental Drawing Studio


Rubbings: Kate Clark

Site Visits: Park Ranger Kim Duclo

Support by the Experimental Drawing studio, University of California San Diego.

Thanks to Amy Adler and Josh Tonies