Parking Lot Park: Seven Stories of San Clemente Canyon

Drive-In Theater + Sound Promenade    2014    Marian Bear Open Space Park, San Diego


Stills of Sound Promenade Installations and Drive-In Theater

Sketches + Map of Sound Promenade Installations and Drive-In Theater


Parking Lot Park is a live public event that traces geologic, political, social, and sexual geographies that intersect in the first Open Space Park of San Diego, California: San Clemente Canyon. San Clemente Canyon has undergone many transformations, from a harvest spot for the Kumeyaay people to grazing territory for Mission era cattle ranchers. More recently, the U.S.-owned canyon was protected from post-war highway expansions by it’s current namesake, Marian Bear, and has born her name since 1979.

Parking Lot Park occurred Nov. 8+9, 2014 as a sound promenade and drive-in theater within San Clemente Canyon in San Diego, CA. Participants traversed the park to discover 6 sound art installations that gave voice individual layers of the human geography.


Projected through custom built battery operated speakers, stories were interwoven and counterbalanced with processed and manipulated field recorded sounds from the canyon. The evening concluded with a 15 minute film accompanied by an FM radio sound composition designed for the intimacy of a car cab.

Parking Lot Park is a collaboration with sound artist and composer Samuel Dunscombe

Documentation of the installation and launch of Parking Lot Park, video footage by Mission Man Media


"Roaming around with a flashlight, just after dusk. There are some familiar faces moving about the chilly wooded area. I don’t say hello to everyone I recognize. The heightened sound of chatter and distant laughter coupled with the crunching of leaves and dry branchlets carries the sensory slack of my muted vision. After a quick stop for warm cider (that I enhance with some bourbon from my pocketed flask), a small bag of popcorn and chocolate squares at the refreshment table, and with a double-sided color map in hand as a score for the evening, the group I’m with decide to begin our time in Parking Lot Park with Kate’s story."
--From In the Evening there is Feeling, Questions from Parking Lot Park, by curator Melinda Guillen
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story, installation design, video, direction: Kate Clark

sound, composition, installation design, direction: Samuel Dunscombe

Production Team: Axel Amzallag, Erina Alejo, Cognate Collective, Maya Land, J Noland, Michiko Ogawa, Judith Hammam, Tristan Ross, Ashley Trinh, Nassem Naveb, Arielle Marom, Walter Sutin, Aitor Lajarin, Catherine Powers

Documentation: Mission Man Media, Documentation Assistance: Tanner Cook, Ren Ebel, Erina Alejo

Sincere Thanks: ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties, Erina Alejo, Axel A. Amzallag, Australian National University’s The Center for the History of Human Emotions, Donald Barrie, Eloise Battle, Deron Bear, Lyndsay Bloom, Natalie Brodie, Norman Bryson, Lucy Burnett, Anthony Burr, California Lawyers for the Arts, John Carter, Robert Castro, Discursive and Curatorial Production, Lawrence Chit, Amy Cimini, Janet Clark, Steve Clark, Anya Cloud, Cognate Collective, Tanner Cook, Teddy Cruz, Charles Curtis, Lynn DeWeese-Parkinson, Ricardo Dominguez, Park Ranger Kim Duclo, Ren Ebel, Sarah Elki­nd, Catherine Emanuel, Brendan Finney, Brendon Gaffney, Mario César Méndez Gálvez, Anya Gallaccio, Kim Garcia, Lara Gates, Eric Geiger, J.P. Gorin, Melinda Guillen, Emily Grenader, Hearing Landscape Critically Network, Jacob Hellman, Beth Holmberg, Adriene Hughes, Michelle Hyun, Carlos Iván, Angela Jennings, Tara Knight, Maya Land, Aitor Lajarin, Lei Liang, Tad Linfesty, Ben Lotan, Felix Sotelo Jaquez, Zack King, Marian Bear Recreation Council, Arielle Marom, Michael Matsuno,Todd Moellenberg, Nassem Navab, Michiko Ogawa, Noe Olivas, Michael Prinz, Oma’s Pumpkin Patch, Katrin Pesch, Erene Rallis, Amy Reid, Tim Richards, Kim Roeland, Katharina Rosenberger, Tristan Ross, Giancarlo Ruiz, Silvia Elena Mazon Ruiz, Russell, San Diego History Center Staff, San Jose Perjou Community, Matt Savitsky, Senior Park Ranger Matt Sanford, David Serlin, Stephanie Sherman, Sara Solaimani, Southern California Sound Ecology (SCSE), Nichole Speciale, Anna Joy Springer, Mark Steele, Lesley Stern, Yolie Torres, Ashley Trinh, UCSD Audio Electronics Club, UCSD Department of Visual Arts, UCSD Department of Music, O’Jay Venegas, David Vidal, Steve Van Wormer, Wyatt