Public Program // 2015-Present // Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

Parkeology is a live event + art tv series that unearths lesser known sites and stories of Balboa Park. From February-June 2016, Parkeology hosts five events that explore popular and obscure locations in the park, from the secret lives of artifacts to closeted histories, from underground models to reimagined organ pavilions.

Each event will be featured by Channel Parkeology--a web-tv series hosted by marionettes Park Ranger Kim Duclo and Art Ranger Kate Clark.

Parkeology is lead by artist Kate Clark in collaboration with the San Diego Art Institute, and supported by the California Arts Council.

Sketch for Facing Archives, the March 2016 performance at the anthropology museum, Museum of Man

Parkeology partners with museums, archivists, artists, and locals to host concerts, plays, oral histories, tours, and performances. Each Parkeology event invites participants to join these temporary events to illuminate the unseen, the unheard, and the untouched of Balboa Park. Participants become scouts that snoop, wander, and speculate on park pasts and presences.

Programming Includes: 

Untracked: Beneath the Scenes at the Miniature Model Railroad Museum

Facing Artifacts: Casting and Collecting Profiles of San Diegans at the Museum of Man

Queen's Circle: Cruising Oral Histories at Marston Point

The Naked Truth: The Rise and Fall of America's Only Public Nudist Colony in Four Acts at Zoro Gardens

Organ for the Senses: Feeling, Seeing & Sounding the Spreckels Pipe Organ


Channel Parkeology webtv series - hosted by Kate Clark and Park Ranger Kim Duclo, directed by Ren Ebel. Original music by Karl Blau

ParkCast podcast- Directed by Parker Bray. Original music by Karl Blau

Club Parkeology teen program- Facilitated by participating Parkeology artists