Public Program    2015-Present 



Parkeology is a public art program I direct that excavates social histories urban space through interpretive art programming. Parkeology treats public places like parks or museums as grounds for new forms of intimacy. We treat museum collections as arenas for storytelling, and park spaces as hidden archives.

Originating in Balboa Park, San Diego, Parkeology has developed performances, videos, and exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe with museums, guilds, nonprofits, community centers, and history centers. Founded in 2015, Parkeology is a nomadic institution that works with artists, activists historians, community groups, and scientists. All projects are free to the public and grant supported.

"In Dust We Trust" is the motto of Parkeology. Dust can tell you a lot: it is the dandruff of monuments and castoffs. Projects begin by digging through the stories that form a dust cloud around one artifact, parking lot, or border fence. What emerges from this research can vary between an experimental concert for 500, a play for 1,000, or a sound installation for three.


Each event is featured by Channel Parkeology, a web-tv series directed by Ren Ebel


Parkeology has been supported by the California Arts Council, the Project for Public Spaces, the San Diego Foundation, the Balboa Park Conservancy, the National Endowment for the Arts, the San Diego Art Institute, Southwest Airlines, and the Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation.