Installation + Research Project    2012    Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, CA

Documentation of felony screening required to serve as a State Park historic interpreter

Old Town State Historic Park is dedicated to re-creating San Diego, California from 1820-1860. Similar to Colonial Williamsburg, Old Town re-performs selective histories of California’s early colonialist history.

As part of a long-term project to understand the complex relationship of regional identity, tourism, and theater in public parks and heritage sites, I spent 6 months volunteering at Old Town. This time lead to a series of documentation, sculptures, drawing, video, and performances.

Old Town Performances + Installation at Visual Arts Gallery, La Jolla and Mission Hills Co-Op School

Documentation of check out forms of Period Attire belonging to the State Of California.


Trying on period attire from the Old Town Collections, in conversation with the Old Town attire specialist


Poster: Old Town Typologies. Collage + marionettes


Research + Project Development: Kate Clark

Research Support: Sarah Elkind

Documentation: Hermione Spriggs

Installation support: Timothy Barnett, Claire Kinder, and Park Ranger Kim Duclo

Support by the Russell Foundation.