NoExit/Snapshot at OKK Berlin / by kate clark

NoExit/Snapshot at OKK Berlin – Oct. 24 – Nov. 14 // Prinzenallee 29, Berlin

Still from FELIX: Self Fictions of a Smuggler, POLEN film

Still from FELIX: Self Fictions of a Smuggler, POLEN film

NoExit- Snapshot is a mirroring show in two borderscape cities: Berlin and Tijuana/San Diego. One city deals with the remains of a divided system whereas the other contends with a border infrastructure that is very much alive. Yet both are connected by the waves and dissonances of global migration patterns of the present day.

Through Berlin artists offering reactions of their changing political landscapes to Tijuana/San Diego artists, and vice versa, a refracted snapshot is offered. Tactically impromptu, this exhibition offers an abstracted moment of distance and recognition, a glimpse of production, of personal involvement, for regrouping, dissolving, and reconsidering.

OPENING Oct. 24., 19:00 =>> transborder cooking event

artists: Voodoo Stu’s/POLEN/Cognate Collective/Claudia Cano/Kate Clark/Dominic Paul Miller/Elizabeth Chaney

organized by: Kate Clark + Lisa Glauer

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