Second Season of Parkeology Begins by kate clark

Thanks to the generous support of the California Arts Council, the Project for Public Spaces, The San Diego Foundation, San Diego Art Institute and The Balboa Park Conservancy, a second season of Parkeology begins!

Year II includes a robust program with 10 events and free workshops. Some sites and projects will be revisited, such as the Organ for the Senses, The Naked Truth, and Queen's Circle. There will also be a new set of programs and collaborations including a Time Capsule Ceremony, The Lives of Specimens, Border Trolley Tours, and a Starlight Theater Feature


NoExit/Snapshot at OKK Berlin by kate clark

NoExit/Snapshot at OKK Berlin – Oct. 24 – Nov. 14 // Prinzenallee 29, Berlin

Still from FELIX: Self Fictions of a Smuggler, POLEN film

Still from FELIX: Self Fictions of a Smuggler, POLEN film

NoExit- Snapshot is a mirroring show in two borderscape cities: Berlin and Tijuana/San Diego. One city deals with the remains of a divided system whereas the other contends with a border infrastructure that is very much alive. Yet both are connected by the waves and dissonances of global migration patterns of the present day.

Through Berlin artists offering reactions of their changing political landscapes to Tijuana/San Diego artists, and vice versa, a refracted snapshot is offered. Tactically impromptu, this exhibition offers an abstracted moment of distance and recognition, a glimpse of production, of personal involvement, for regrouping, dissolving, and reconsidering.

OPENING Oct. 24., 19:00 =>> transborder cooking event

artists: Voodoo Stu’s/POLEN/Cognate Collective/Claudia Cano/Kate Clark/Dominic Paul Miller/Elizabeth Chaney

organized by: Kate Clark + Lisa Glauer

Exhibition Website

Memory Workshop at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar by kate clark

From Oct. 19-23rd, I will lead an urbanism + art workshop at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar with artist + art historian Lisa Glauer, architectural historian Philippe Schmidt, and artist, urbanist, and art historian Emily Verla Bovino. The workshop will center upon the management and erasure of collective memory in urban space. Participants will include a range of international students with backgrounds in architecture, art, and urban design. During the week, I also will present a lecture about recent related projects.

Spacial Exercise lead by Phillipe Schmidt

Spacial Exercise lead by Phillipe Schmidt

Weimar carries with it great nationalistic pride- as home of Goethe, Schiller, and Nietzche's work. Weimar was also the nearest city to the concentration camp Buchenwald. Needless to say the small town carries with it a history much larger than it's size- and I am glad to be presenting this workshop with scholars who are familiar with its historic and physical landscape.

Atrium Shopping mall in Weimar, Germany. The site of the Atrium was a former Gauforum, a Nazi rally site. There is no mention of this history at the Atrium- however, the large field outside the shopping center is gated from public entrance- creating an impenetrable void.

Gauforum Nazi Rally, May 1938. Image: weimar-historischefotos

Parkeology Receives Largest California Arts Council Grant by kate clark

Exciting news: in collaboration with the San Diego Art Institute, Parkeology (my most recent project that I'm directing) received the largest California Arts Council Grant for 2015!

"The Creative California Communities program supports “large-scale collaborative projects that harness arts and culture as a key economic and/or community development strategy,” according to the arts council."

The SDAI will be using the grant to underwrite “Parkeology” by San Diego artist Kate Clark, 'which will allow audiences to access underutilized spaces in Balboa Park, and engage with museum collections at more than six participating institutions in the park.' It is expected to launch in January, 2016"

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