Installation    2012    San Diego Contemporary Art Fair, Balboa Park

FAIR IS FAIR is a photo booth and false museum about the tourist attraction methods employed by fairs of the past and present. As a collaboration between artists Hermione Spriggs and Emily Grenader, we designed a green screen photo booth and costuming that hyperbolized the Californian novelty pastiche.  

Drawing a line between the the 1915 California-Panama Exposition and the 2012 San Diego Contemporary Art Fair, we invited current day fairgoers to pose in front of green screened images of spectacle from Balboa Park's yesteryear.  These images were printed as souvenir postcards and sold back to their subjects, in the proper touristic manner.

Pine sign, FAIR IS FAIR booth

Marionette demonstrations of Nudists from San Diego's 1935 Fair and its first colonizers

FAIR IS FAIR Broadside, Newsprint with silkscreen. Hermione Spriggs


Concept and Direction: Kate Clark, Emily Grenader, Hermione Spriggs

Support by the UC San Diego Visual Arts Department

Hosted by the San Diego Contemporary Art Fair, Image support by the San Diego History Center