Bread Virgins

Cast Dough   2009-Present


The Bread Virgins are an ongoing sculpture series of morphic figures originally cast from bread dough. The bloated, strained, worshipful figures loosely reference icons as wide ranging as the Venus of Willendorf, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Virgin Mary.

Loosely referencing a common thread in origin myths where humans are sculpted from a piece of bread dough or mud, these molded bronze or aluminum Bread Virgins begin with humble roots but get translated through the iterative process of casting and hand shaping- a process very similar to how the interpretation of icons shift as they travel through time and culture.

The figures were created through a series of casting:

1. A mold was taken from a plastic thrift store religious figurine.

2. Bread dough was pressed into this mold, removed, hand shaped, and baked.

3. The dough figurines were cast a final time into solid aluminum through resin sand casting with molten aluminum or bronze.